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Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality in the world. It has neither laws nor temples: it bases its foundations solely on direct encounters with spirits, and on the Journey into the Other Reality. It is an atavistic wisdom where medicine, magic, and mysticism are inextricably intertwined.

For shamans, sickness and suffering are merely paths in the forest, where we may lose our way but also find our way back—and the task of shamans is that of seekers of lost souls. Their methods are so primordial and absolute that they are strikingly similar across every part of the world, in populations that have never encountered each other, such as the Amazon River Indios and the Australian Aborigines.

My name is Francesco "Tsunki" de Giorgio and I am a recognized Uwishín - Shuar Shaman and healer

The Shamanic Tradition transmitted by Tsunki is mostly based on the Amazonian shamanism of the Shuar people, integrated with elements of other traditions to adapt to the natural environment in Europe and to the complexity of modern life.

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The course is a true individual shamanic apprenticeship where you can obtain skills, knowledge and powers necessary to the practice of traditional shamanism and to become a shamanic healer or a shaman.

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The Premium Area is dedicated to those who wish to deepen their knowledge and practice of Shamanism. In this area, you will find curated videos, additional articles, and advanced dictionaries of Dreams and the Language of the Spirits.

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