Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio
Shamanism Nature
there are no churches or temples
The oldest Spirituality
direct experience
The Spirit World
Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality in the world. It has neither laws nor temples: it bases its foundations solely on direct encounters with spirits, and on the Journey into the Other Reality. It is an atavistic wisdom where medicine, magic, and mysticism are inextricably intertwined.

For shamans, sickness and suffering are merely paths in the forest, where we may lose our way but also find our way back—and the task of shamans is that of seekers of lost souls. Their methods are so primordial and absolute that they are strikingly similar across every part of the world, in populations that have never encountered each other, such as the Amazon River Indios and the Australian Aborigines.


My name is Francesco "Tsunki" de Giorgio
and I am a recognized uwishín — shaman and healer in the tradition of the Shuar people.

I lived with the Shuar (Jívaro) in the Amazon rainforest. For many years,  I was a student of the great uwishín (shaman) Vicente Júa and I am the only one whom my master transmitted his Powers to, before reuniting with his ancestors — he was over one hundred years old. I spend every year some months in wild and powerful natural places, to find ancestral wisdom and bring it to the West. When not traveling, I conduct drum circles in Italy and Switzerland.

Circles and Shamanic Ceremonies

Premium Area

The Premium Area is dedicated to those who want to deepen their Knowledge and practice Shamanism. In the Area you will find curation videos, extra articles and the advanced dictionaries of Dreams and Spirit Language.

Shaman pathway
Distance learning apprenticeship

It is a true individual shamanic apprenticeship where you gain the knowledge and Powers necessary to become a shaman. I offer it to everyone who feels called to be a shaman. The training, led by me, Tsunki, is that of tribal cultures, which I have followed myself.

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