Shamanic Healing

  • 15 September 2021
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Shamanic healing (or therapy), also known as curandería, is the longest practised discipline of body, soul and spirit healing on the planet. In it, benevolent spirits help the patient to return in harmony with himself, his environment and the Universe.

The do-it-yourself use of these techniques, especially as a form of self-therapy, following the indications of a book or a seminar or a dream, is often effective because shamanic methods are ancestral and exploit channels that since the remotest antiquity connect us with the Powers of the Cosmos and with spirits eager to help us.
However, our person tends by nature to stabilise on a low level of Power (Power in fact burns like fire and is difficult to manage) and therefore, after the very first few times, the naive practice of shamanic healing gradually loses its effectiveness and stops working.
In order to use it successfully and continuously, specific training is required that requires commitment, sacrifice and long application. Those who are able to practise this art are called curandero or curandera.
Or, at a higher degree, which also involves spiritual guidance and knowledge of the secrets of the Universe inaccessible to most, is a shaman. You can benefit greatly from shamanic healing especially in cases of:

  • acute phenomena such as inflammation and pain. E.g. toothache, abdominal pain, abscesses, joint pain.
  • These very simple ailments are easily learnt to be treated by following the shamanic path. Those who habitually take part in our circles are able to treat them for each other without resorting to drugs.
  • recurring or chronic illnesses or general sickness. E.g.: chronic gastritis or colitis, arthritis, colic, frequent respiratory ailments, skin diseases, etc.
  • bad luck, such as frequent accidents or misfortunes or obvious bad luck in love or work.
  • intense out-of-control emotions, such as anger, jealousy, irritability or anxiety and panic.
  • loneliness or dissociation, feeling of observing life rather than participating in it, feeling of observing oneself from the outside, etc.
  • addictions, e.g. to drugs or alcohol, but also to other people etc.
  • answers to fundamental questions, such as choices to be made or loss of meaning in life.

Some ailments and illnesses, e.g. depression, respond better if the person starts a shamanic journey (i.e. attends Drum Circles etc.) than if he or she only undergoes one or more curandería sessions.

There are also other illnesses that can be cured by a shaman, but these are not included in the list.
In general, it is important to understand that exceptionally any illness can be cured through spiritual healing if the higher spirits decide to come to your aid.

To learn more about curandería visit the Shamanism and Healing area.

Francis Tsunki, a Shuar (Amazonian) shaman and healer, and his apprentices use numerous shamanic healing methods, such as:
Limpieza (general purification of body and soul), Recovery of the Power Animal, Extraction of Harmful Intrusions (with mukunmia, tobacco traps and more), Care of the Heart, Replacement of the Heart Spirit, Care and Recovery of the Soul, Depossession, Liberation from Obsessions (oppressions of the soul), Soul Replacement of various parts of the body (malfunctioning organs such as liver, spleen etc. ..), Accompaniment of the souls of the dead, Shamanic Divination, Rituals and Ceremonies prepared for the patient.
Tsunki travels a lot, has changed several countries and currently lives near Lugano (Canton Ticino, Switzerland), but rarely receives patients.
For some time now he has been treating mainly those who follow his Circle and now only treats new people for special cases.
You can write to [email protected] to ask for a meeting (or a distance cure, see below).

If you are not part of the Circle and Tsunki and his spirit helpers do not accept to cure you, you can, however, go to some of his apprentices who are already qualified as curanderos. For the names and contact details of qualified curanderos, see here.

If you live far away or are, due to your infirmity, unable to move, you can, if the case allows, be healed at a distance by Tsunki.

Apprentices do not do distant healing.

Those who wish to learn the practice of shamanic healing can read about it on the Events page or in the Forum or write to [email protected], where Tsunki answers directly.

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