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Are you called to become a Shaman?

How to recognize your shamanic calling?

There are very ancient criteria, some completely esoteric, to know if we are called by the Spirits to become shamans.
In fact, the Spirits leave signs in the body and soul of the future shaman, signs that can only be read in the Other Reality, while here they may seem meaningless or be misunderstood.
So that you can recognize these signs in yourself, I have prepared this special questionnaire.
Answer the questions and you will find out if the Spirits are calling you, if your task is to become a shaman.
In fact, shamans are chosen by the Spirits.
In reality, so are real doctors and real artists. And the shaman is indeed an artist. Shamanism is art.
In native populations, shamans are often the children of shamans.
But it is not a question of genetic transmission: some shamanic talents can be hereditary, this is true – but above all the Spirits find it easier to call the son of a shaman or shaman to this task, because he is already familiar with shamanism and its techniques.

To recognize your calling, you can first look to see if you have one of these congenital or early childhood signs:

Do one of your parents have paranormal gifts? E.g. premonitory dreams, telepathic skills or actual talent as a fortune teller? Or does he have the ability to heal with his hands or make physical pain go away? This sign is stronger if the gifted parent is the mother, since transmission in the maternal line is more frequent. It may also be the case that these qualities are in one of the grandparents.
Were you born "with your shirt on", that is, completely or just your head wrapped in the amniotic membrane? This in all the traditions of the world - shamanic and otherwise - is a sign of a special relationship with the world of Spirits.
Were you born with one or more extra fingers or toes? It is a typical sign of future shamans.
Are you or have you ever been epileptic? It is often a calling from the Spirits, but not always shamanic in nature.
Have you had any physical impairments since birth or childhood? Those that are most often signs of a call to shamanize are deafness and lameness
Other physical signs that do not necessarily date back to birth or early childhood may include: Have you been struck by lightning? Or from a violent and dangerous electric discharge? Whether it happened as adults or children, it is a very sure sign of a shamanic calling.
Have you fortunately survived a fire or shipwreck? Or were you about to drown?
Have you had an apparently serious illness, but with strange symptoms that cannot be classified by doctors? This is the typical sacred disease, a fairly certain sign of a calling. ​
Or have you survived a severe coma or apparent death? Or were you, due to illness or accident, on the verge of death, losing consciousness? Shamans then say that you have gone to the Land of the Dead and come back. From this terrible and dangerous journey one usually brings back shamanic powers.
Have you had and recovered from a serious illness, even if it does not respond to cases H and I? It may still be a sacred disease, but it is not certain.
Do you have a chronic and incurable disease dating back to childhood or adolescence? This may be a different type of sacred disease.
Physical signs B through K are uncommon and usually characterize future great shamans. The most frequent signs are those that concern the personality: As children, did you often have the desire to go into the woods or nature alone and stay there for a long time, perhaps trying to spend the night there? If you felt this need and tried to put it into practice, it is a very typical sign of a shamanic calling.
Were you loners as children? And did they consider you eccentric or "different"?
Have you had various premonition phenomena as children or adults? Or frequent verifiable déja-vu, not just subjective (e.g. going to an unknown place and "knowing" what will be around a bend, telling someone and then checking it)?
Have you demonstrated, even exceptionally, the ability to heal or make pain go away, e.g. with the laying on of hands or with prayer? Cases of self-healing do not apply here.
Have you had visions of ghosts or UFOs or Spirits that have contacted you in some way?
Have you happened to encounter the same animal several times in different dreams? Or the same figure of a master, i.e. a man or woman with a wise and authoritative appearance, especially if a native (Indian, Red Indian or Mongolian)? It is then a Guardian Spirit, who probably comes to call you to shamanize.
Have you happened to encounter the same animal several times in different dreams? Or the same figure of a master, i.e. a man or woman with a wise and authoritative appearance, especially if a native (Indian, Red Indian or Mongolian)? It is then a Guardian Spirit, who probably comes to call you to shamanize.
Have you had repeated premonitory dreams or dreams that show present or past events that are unknown to you but verifiable? ​
Do you often have strange and very vivid dreams, in short, a very active dream life with often unusual content? It means that your soul is strongly attracted to the Other Reality, often a sign of shamanic calling.
In this reality, have you had numerous encounters with the same animals, especially if in unusual circumstances?
Do you have the desire, the impulse to become shamans? This is actually one of the best signs of your calling, especially if you don't understand the reason and even more so if it is strong or compelling.

If you answered yes to one (or more) of questions A – K and at least three of those 1 – 10, congratulations and best wishes for your future as shamans! You can consider your shamanic call to be certain, even if confirmation from the Spirits is always needed.
• The same applies if you gave a positive answer to two questions A – K and two of those 1 – 10.

• If you answered yes to one of the questions A – K and two of the questions 1 – 10, your call is almost certain.

• Did you say yes to one of the questions A – K and at least one of the questions 1 – 10? Your calling to shamanize is almost certain.

• Did you give a positive answer to 3 questions? Your shamanic calling is very probable.

• Finally, if you answered yes to only 2 of the questions in group 1 – 10, your call is probable, but less certain.

There may however be other signs of shamanic calling – if you believe you are called to this and especially if you said yes to question 10, have courage and sign up for the Remote Shamanic Apprenticeship: the Spirits will answer you and appreciate your courage! And if they say that your call is not authentic or that this is not the right time for you, your registration fee will be refunded immediately.

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