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June 25, 2022 @ 9:00 - June 26, 2022 @ 17:00

cerchio sciamanico sciamanesimo sciamano

Family Curses

This is an online Circle, which will therefore take place like a webinar: all participants will be connected to each other and to the uwishin Tsunki through an online platform.
When we cannot meet in this Reality, Spirits know how to travel and transmit their Powers in a subtle way even through the internet.

Direct family “curses”.

In this confidential meeting, we will address some difficult problems related to the so-called Family Curses.
In particular, we will deal with the case of Direct Curses. Usually the so-called Curses are patterns that repeat themselves, that is, it is a wave that propagates through generations, as already seen in parts I and I of our work.
A different and more difficult case are Direct Curses, i.e. those that were launched by the Victim against the Patient and not against one of his Ancestors. It is easy to understand that in this case it is much more difficult to convince the Victim to withdraw the curse, given that the target is, in fact, the Patient himself.

Traps of Negotiation

We will also and above all deal with the traps inherent in the Negotiation. In fact, the Victim may want to deceive the Enderezador (Straightener) and/or the curandero, either by obtaining advantages without actually withdrawing the Curse in exchange or by deliberately harming those who deal with the Patient (Enderezador and/or Curandero).
We will see what signs can warn us of a deception and how to behave accordingly.

The Contagion of the Curandero

Another very dangerous phenomenon that we will face is the risk that the Curandero will be infected by the Victim. This can harm the Curander himself and also have repercussions on the Patient, as we will see.

We probably won’t treat all these topics the same way. It will also depend on the experiences of the Curanderos to date and what comes out in the Meeting, as well as on the decisions of the Helping Spirits.

Requirements to participate

The meeting is aimed at the Curanderos who followed the previous meetings.

Each Curandero will be able to bring a Patient and a Straightener to work with in the evening.

Technical requirements

A broadband internet connection of at least 1 Mbps or, via cellular network, 3G or 4G/LTE or 5G is required.

With slower connections it is possible to connect in VoiP, i.e. in audio only, like a phone call via Skype. You can still follow the Circle and still perform the rites that will be done by everyone offline, but it is more tiring.

A computer with microphone and speakers is required. You can use the integrated ones, e.g. if you use a laptop, or headphones, which are highly recommended. You should also have a webcam. You can follow the Circle very well even without a webcam, however it is preferable if the uwishin and the other participants can see you.
As an alternative to the computer you can use a smartphone or tablet.

Everyone must follow the webinar in a quiet room where they are alone and will not be disturbed.

Dates and times

We will start on Saturday 25 June at 11am and finish around 9pm. There will be a lunch break between around 1pm and 3pm. On Saturday evening it is necessary to fast until dawn the next day. Patients and Rectifiers will connect approximately mid-afternoon.

On Sunday we will connect from 10.30am until around 1pm.

Participation fee

The fee for Curanderos is 500 CHF.

The fee for Patients is 200 CHF.

The fee for the rectifiers is 100 CHF

Registration method

To register you must pay the entire sum in advance.

The Circle will be led by Francesco Tsunki, Shuar shaman and curandero.

As always, part of the proceeds will serve to support the Shuar people, once known as Jíbaro, holders of one of the most important shamanic cultures in the world and who strive to preserve their traditions by continuing to live by hunting and weeding horticulture in the Amazon jungle.


June 25, 2022 @ 9:00
June 26, 2022 @ 17:00
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