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October 8, 2022 @ 21:30 - October 9, 2022 @ 1:30

cerchio sciamanico sciamanesimo sciamano
Meeting with the Ancestors in times of War.

Our Ancestors know War and know how to deal with it. Here is a first, important reason to turn to them in the current historical moment. They know that good always comes out of evil, you just need to know how to find it and make it grow. This is an Ancestral Ceremony to come into direct contact with the Spirits of the Ancestors. The most powerful of our lineage and the most well-disposed towards us

In a time of war or great upheaval, very little is needed to collapse or triumph. We need Power, guidance and love from the Ancestors to see the right direction and take it. To help create a new and better world.

According to ancient shamanic wisdom, in fact, both in the Amazon and in Siberia, Mongolia, Australia and the rest of the world, there are only two sources from which we receive Power, which we can then donate to the world: the Ancestors and the Spirits of Nature.

The Shuar tradition shows how the two Powers come together in this case, in fact it is along a Forest River that ÍI untri Arútmari, “all our Ancestors”, will meet us.

The Gates of the Afterlife

In these days of the year, the Doors of the World of the Dead open for a short time, then Rites are performed and offerings are made so that the Spirits of the Passed do not return to Earth nor, what is even more dangerous, the living are attracted towards the ‘Afterlife. Very risky, especially in wartime. In fact, very often those who become seriously ill or are injured or ruined have first come into contact with unpurified Spirits of the Dead who attract them towards their World. This is therefore the dangerous date, but also the date that brings greater opportunities for help from the Deceased.

In fact, Halloween is not the occasion in which the Doors between the World of the Living and that of the Dead open, not in our latitudes, the end of October actually applies to the Nordic countries.
In Southern Europe, where we live – as the ancient Romans already knew – the Gap is created in the first half of October, on a date that varies slightly depending on the year, and remains open for between 4 and 13 days.

The Canoe of Spirits

We will meet the Ancestors by taking a collective shamanic journey into the Other Reality.
Taking advantage of the fact that the Doors are open in those days, we will all travel together towards the Worlds of the Dead, crossing vast, very powerful areas of the Other Reality. According to an ancient tradition of the Americas, the crossing will take place aboard a spiritual canoe, guided by the Uwishin (shaman) and his apprentices. We will all tune in to the sound of the drums which will open our consciousness, allowing us to see – or at least glimpse – the afterlife and meet some of our ancestors.
As you will discover, the Ancestors are found in different places in the Worlds of the Dead and with different Powers. Some can help you with their Love for you and your family. Others can help you instead because they know the future.

IMPORTANT NEWS! The Spirit Canoe was created and developed by the Indians of the Americas, mostly nomadic populations, accustomed to a hard life and with very elastic physiques. Many of us, however, due to the terrible Western lifestyle, have difficulty sitting on the ground cross-legged throughout the journey and this can make it difficult to maintain awareness and expanded consciousness. From what we have seen, the results of the Journey are not canceled and all the visions remain reliable, but memories can be lost (even if the Power acts anyway!) and too much effort can distract.
For these reasons, we will use a system to make the position easier, in order to relax more easily, without however distorting the Ceremony!

Why contact the Avi

For anything, desire, dream… But above all:

– war. Our Ancestors, unlike us, have lived through many wars and know what they are. Now that we are on the threshold of a World War, the Ancestors can give us the means to help avoid disaster or to see first what awaits us and face it in the right way. Times of war are also always full of tremendous opportunities, both for ourselves and our loved ones, and to create a better world for all. In fact, good is hidden in evil, just as evil is hidden in good.

– the love. If you want to find a person to love and who loves you to create a family with. Or if you want help and advice for your current romance. To help with love create a better world – now that the world is forcefully and violently changing, it’s time to change it for the better!

Children. For those who wish to have a child, or to protect or give good luck to their children who are in difficulty or in danger. Ancestors are often sensitive to this. I remember two couples who came to this Ceremony in years past just to be able to have children. They were granted and continued on their way

– Territory. Those who have not yet found their professional path or have found it, but are unable to move forward and be successful. Or even those who  fear of losing their territory during war or epochal changes.

Some of the Ancestors, if they are allowed and believe it important, can reveal predictions for the Future to someone.

Circle Program

Tsunki in a place of Nature, where there is a connection with the World of the Dead, will open the Doors asking the Guardian Spirits to protect us, not to make us fall victim to the attraction to the Afterlife and not to allow dangerous deceased to wander on Earth . For the rest the program is largely secret, we can say that:

-Each of us will make offerings and invoke his Ancestors.

– Near a stream immersed in the woods, we will make a Canoe of the Spirits, a collective shamanic journey into the Worlds of the Dead, where we will be able to meet our Ancestors. Everyone, during the Canoe, will be able to meet and communicate with some of their deceased Ancestors

– For the first time, we will organize the canoe so that you can sit more comfortably and thus make the journey easier.

– As we will discover, each person will be able to see or receive messages from Ancestors of other participants. Some Ancestors may even bring messages or revelations to the entire Circle!

– The following morning, Sunday, in another Rite we will thank the Spirits for ensuring their favor and we will close the Doors to the World of the Dead.



This is a Ceremony to contact our Ancestors

— Everyone will invoke and make offerings for their deceased Ancestors and relatives.

— In a Spirit Canoe through the Worlds of the Dead, we will meet the Ancestors who wish to communicate with you.

— The Canoe will be made in a more comfortable way for the first time

— Using an ancestral method, each person during the Canoe will be able to obtain help and power from their Ancestors for something they care about, concerning War, Love, Children or Territory (work or self-realization in an activity).

— Everyone will be able to meet or receive messages from Ancestors of other participants or messages for the whole Circle


Requirements to participate

The Rite is open to everyone, even to those who have no shamanic experience

Who is this ceremony aimed at?

The Ceremony is aimed at those who understand that times and the world are about to change and know that we need the support of our Ancestors to face challenges that we have never faced.

It is aimed at those who want to renew their lives and start – or have just started – new businesses and do not know if and how to carry them out during a war.
It is also aimed at anyone who wants to have a child or is about to have one or has small children.
It is also especially aimed at those who have just found their Arutam. After being visited by the Ancestors on a river in the Daintree jungle, it is a good thing to return the visit!
The Ceremony, however, is not oriented towards curandería (shamanic therapy)



The Circle will be held in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature near Lugano in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland). The exact location will be communicated directly to those registered.
We will start on Saturday 8 October at 9.30 in the morning. We will finish on Sunday at around 1pm.

Participation fee

The fee to participate in the Rite is CHF 230 (approximately 230 euros), meals included.
But accommodation is not included, see below.

Accommodation, accommodation costs and meals

The overnight stay costs 50 CHF (approx. 50 euros) p/p, including breakfast, in 6-bed dormitories.
A double room is also available for 70 CHF p/p.

One of the main meals is included in the participation fee. For the other, however, the importance of the Rite requires fasting.

Registration method

To register you must send a deposit of CHF 170 (1).
Registrations will be closed as soon as the maximum number is reached and in any case by 6pm on Saturday 1st October.

The Rites will be conducted by Francesco Tsunki, Shuar shaman and curandero (Amazon).

As always, part of the proceeds will serve to support the Shuar people (formerly known as Jíbaro), holders of one of the most important shamanic cultures in the world and who strive to preserve their traditions by continuing to live by hunting and weeding horticulture in the Amazon jungle .

To register, click on the button below and follow the instructions.
If the button is not available, it means that registrations are now closed.


October 8, 2022 @ 21:30
October 9, 2022 @ 1:30
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