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Heart Healing

December 3, 2022 @ 9:00 - December 4, 2022 @ 12:30

cerchio sciamanico sciamanesimo sciamano
The Cure of the Heart: shamanic cure for emotional and relationship problems.

In Heart Healing, one learns to see inside the patient’s Heart, where there will usually be a Home and a Fire, usually in the hearth.

We will discover how to take care of the patient’s home and fire, in order to help heal emotional problems. In fact, the spirits of people dear to the patient live in the house, warming themselves next to the fire.
But Home – like homes in this Reality – also depends on our work and our financial means to support ourselves, our family and our loved ones.
In shamanic wisdom, therefore, the Heart does not only govern feelings, as is believed in the West, but also the ability to succeed in work to maintain and create a welcoming environment for loved ones.

The Heart Care is also useful as a preventive method to improve cardiovascular health.
Loneliness and the instability of family relationships and domestic life are in fact, according to shamans, the real cause of the boom in cardiovascular diseases in the Western world.

The Rebalancing of the Heart

The Heart Treatment cannot be done on yourself. The Power of Healing itself comes from sharing, so it can only work by doing it on another person.
However, we will also teach a method of Rebalancing the Heart, which everyone can perform on themselves, using specific tools, or rather objects of power, that the uwishin will give you during the Circle.

Heart Replacement

In serious cases of emotional imbalance and inability to create and cultivate a territory, shamans can proceed with a more aggressive treatment, which is the replacement of the patient’s heart with one donated in the Underground Worlds by a wild animal.

The Heart Replacement has only been taught twice, the last time several years ago and will be replicated by 2023, only for those who have participated in this Circle.

Circle Program

The program is confidential, we can only say that:

  • During Saturday we will create a consecrated mirror, an essential and very powerful shamanic tool, to visit and heal the Heart.
  • Everyone will be able to find an Allied Spirit who will assist them in the Heart Care.
  • We will learn how to do the Heart Cure on a patient through the consecrated mirror.
  • Everyone will do cures in pairs. Each will receive a Heart Cure from a companion.
  • In the evening everyone will do a Rite for the well-being and luck of their Heart. The Rite will be chosen by the Spirits of the shaman specifically for each of you and may be different from person to person
  • On Sunday morning we will share our experiences and give other indications on how to practice the Cure once we return home
  • We will also learn how to rebalance the Power of your heart (heart rebalancing) through special Power items that the uwishin will give you in the Circle.

The program is indicative and can also be changed at the last moment by will of the Spirits, however in any case the substance of the Rites and the knowledge and Powers made available will remain the same.


This is a Healing Circle, where anyone can receive a Heart Heal from a companion.

The cure is able to rebalance emotional and domestic life problems and prevent cardiovascular disorders, but at the same time it also gives you the ability to create and manage a territory for yourself and your loved ones.

You will learn to practice the Heart Healing by entering in spirit into an image of the patient’s heart, through a consecrated metal mirror.

Everyone will do a Rite in the evening for their emotional and family luck. The Rite will be decided by the Spirits of the shaman and may be different for each one.

We will also learn a method of self-healing of the Heart, Heart Rebalancing, which you can practice on your own.


The Circle is open to everyone, even to those without any shamanic experience.

Who is this Circle aimed at?

To Anyone who wants to help treat other people and provide gentle treatments for their sentimental, emotional and even physical life, but also to those who want to rebalance and be healed.
In particular, the Circle is crucial for qualified curanderos.

Participation is also strongly recommended for those who are now following courses in traditional Amazonian curanderia.

It is also aimed at those who want to heal and rebalance their heart, love life and ability to create a territory.

The Circle is oriented towards curanderia (shamanic therapy) and the healing of others, but also towards self-healing and rebalancing.


The Circle will be held in the Canton of Ticino (Switzerland) in a farmhouse booked exclusively for us and immersed in the woods.
The exact location of the appointment will be communicated directly to those registered.
It is necessary to stay overnight on site.
We will start on Saturday at 9:30 in the morning.
We will finish on Sunday at lunchtime.


The participation fee is 230 CHF (approximately 230 euros), excluding overnight stay.
Those who have already followed the Heart Treatment with Tsunki and want to participate will pay the reduced fee of CHF 150 (excluding overnight stay), to be paid in full upon registration.*

*In the registration form, click on “I have already followed the Heart Care with Tsunki”.

Overnight stay and meals

The overnight stay costs CHF 50 p/p in dormitories, including breakfast on Sunday.
The Circle is residential, staying overnight on site is essential to maintain the necessary unity and not to disturb the outcome of the curanderias.

A single double room is also available for 70 CHF p/p.

Lunch on Saturday is included in the participation fee, while in the evening the important healing rites require fasting.


Registration Method

To register, you must pay a deposit of 170 CHF (approximately 170 euros).
Registrations will be closed as soon as the maximum number is reached and in any case no later than 6pm on Saturday 26 November.

To register, click the button below and fill out the form.

If the button is not available, register by sending an email to [email protected]


December 3, 2022 @ 9:00
December 4, 2022 @ 12:30
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