Shamanic Learning
Distance Shamanic Learning

The remote shamanic apprenticeship, which has been offered on our site for more than ten years now, is very popular among members of the Shaman’s Drum and generally among those who follow the Circles or are seriously interested in shamanism.
Those who follow the Forum will have read many times that all regular participants highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to get involved….

What is distance learning?

It is a true individual shamanic apprenticeship where you gain the knowledge and powers necessary to become a shaman.
I offer it to all those who feel called to be shamans.
The training, conducted by me, Tsunki, is that of the tribal cultures, which I have followed myself.
It will consist of numerous ‘lessons’ visible in a restricted area of this site, and direct verification and teaching by me, through email and, when necessary, telephone calls.
At the end of the apprenticeship one does not automatically become a shaman, as this requires a change in worldview, which does not happen in everyone: it depends on personal resistance and a final decision of the higher spirits.
Upon successful completion of the course, the apprentice will meet me personally for an “examination” where he/she can demonstrate his/her shamanic powers and abilities, working with me in a healing, a vision of the unknown and more (see below for details).
If the change in worldview is verified, I will give him/her an initiation and he/she will be a shaman and healer from that day on.

The Gift for the Apprentice Shamans

Since I began following the shamanic path, many secrets and incredible truths about the Universe, life and the afterlife have been revealed to me. And all of them I have been able to verify in practice over time.
Many of these truths I cannot tell you because you would not understand or be able to accept them.
They cannot be written down as in a book, you have to see them in a shamanic vision.
Those of you who follow the path to become shamans will learn those same truths and understand them. And their lives will never be the same again.
Shamanic knowledge is not mental, but is imprinted in your whole person, soul and body. What you discover will change your world view, enable you to heal in body and psyche and change your fortunes forever. If you feel called to become a shaman, take this opportunity and try to sign up.

Apprenticeship Programme

The apprenticeship is as close to the native traditional one as possible, namely the Shuar and Amazonian tradition in general (Conibo, especially). Shuar (once called Jìvaro) and Conibo are two indigenous peoples of the western Amazon.
However, since shamans work a lot with the Spirits of Nature, the apprenticeship to be suitable for our latitudes must also refer to knowledge of other traditions: Lakota (Teton Sioux), Mongolian and Siberian.

The apprenticeship is divided into 3 uwí (‘years’ in the Shuar language).
An uwí can last less than one calendar year, but in no case longer! The student must complete each uwí in 365 days.

Each uwí is subdivided into 6 or 7 nantu (“moons” in the Shuar language), which the student completes by following the instructions in the reserved area of the website and those given directly by me (by email, videoconference or telephone, as the case may be).
Each nantu is in turn divided into tsawants (days). Each tsawant is a step in the course and has a time frame within which to complete it, which is broad enough to accommodate everyone’s schedule, but not unlimited: a nantu should be completed in 2 months and, in any case, 1 tsawant cannot last more than 2 months.
Repeated delays nullify the apprenticeship, so after 3 delays I reserve the right to remove you from the course.

At the end of each nantu you will have a follow-up with me by email.
In general, you can send me unlimited e-mails to a preferential e-mail address reserved for apprentices and you will receive a reply as far as possible.
When you need urgent guidance you can contact me at a telephone number.

2nd uwí: the student is a traveller

  • Quartz as an Ally and its preparation
  • Transforming this Reality into the Other and vice versa.
  • Transforming Reality through a ritual.
  • Transforming Reality through a Journey: the Shamanic Journey with the body.
  • 3rd Journey: Finding one’s Spirit Master
  • The oracles: Knowing the unknown and the future
    Oracles of the 4 Winds, of the Flour and others.
  • Changing the outcome of an oracle and “destiny”.
    Journeys in search of Powers
  • The 3 Souls of Man and the Horse of Wind.
    Increase one’s Wind Horse.
  • Soul damage and its rebalancing.
  • Soul Loss and its Recovery.
  • Disease in the Shamanic Vision
  • Intrusions and the diseases they cause
    Methods of diagnosis
    Healing methods: Catching intrusions and giving them to a plant
  • At the end of this second year, the student may request a meeting with me to verify acquired skills and abilities (optional).

Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio SCIAMANO SCIAMANESIMO
1st uwí: the student is an apprentice
  • History of Shamanism
  • Terms used
  • The 3 Worlds and the 2 Realities
  • The High Spirits or Grandfathers
  • Getting back in touch with the Powers of Nature
  • Opening of the senses
    Types of purification: with Smoke, Water and Fire
  • The 4 Winds and the Sacred Circle
  • The objects of power – finding your own
  • Shamanic initiation and meeting one’s Allies
    Descent into the Earth and ascent to Heaven.
  • Types of Spirits
  • Morning rites and others
  • Shamanic Journey
  • How one finds one’s Power Animal
  • Dance of the Animal
3rd uwí: the student is a traveller
  • The tséntsak or magic thunderbolts: their nature and powers
    Conquering tséntsak from plants
  • Feeding and awakening tséntsak
  • Protection from attacks and negative energies
    Extracting intrusions with the power of tséntsaks
  • Limpieza (shamanic purification) and blowing power into the Crown
    Changing fortunes and rites of buena suerte
    4th journey: Going to the Land of the Dead
    Reincarnation and the Flow of Existences.
  • Possession and oppression of the soul
  • Depossession and liberation of the oppressed soul
  • Recovery of the Deep Soul
  • The allied stones of the shaman: the white stone and the black stone.
  • How to obtain the two stones and how to use them.
Apprenticeship Fee

The fee for the 3rd wui is CHF 550.
During the 3rd wui the student must attend at least the 1st Soul Recovery Retreat. And it is recommended that he participates in at least one other Circle of his choice.

At the end of the 3 uwí cycle, the pupil will have to meet me for the complete verification of the acquired abilities and powers (compulsory): he will perform together with me a healing, a vision of the future or the unknown and an intervention on the forces of nature.
For the verification I request a contribution to the Shuar nation of CHF 300.
The programme of each uwí can be changed at any time, while maintaining the same scope and value.

When do the Courses start and when can I enrol?

Since I can only follow a very limited number of learners, the apprenticeship enrolments are NOT always open. They have already been closed for more than a year: in that time, in addition to following the trainees, the course has been profoundly reformed so that I can better follow each and every one of you.
Enrolments will remain OPEN from 7 August to 7 November 2011. Until 1 October, the fee will be CHF 280 (approx. € 255) instead of CHF 330 (approx. € 302).

Who can enrol in an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship is only for those who are called to become shamans.
Do you want to know if your call is genuine? Or if perhaps the spirits are calling you, but you have not realised it?
Try reading here and maybe you will find out.

Your participation in the training must be approved by my Spirit Helpers who will tell me if your call is authentic.
Many people write to me asking if they are destined to become shamans and disappear when the answer I give them disappoints them: an answer that is always the same, that is, no answer at all!
Grandfather Sky and the higher Spirits do not like the curious, those who only ask on a whim or who want to have their backs covered and certainties in their pockets before taking a step.
The spirits will not tell you that you are really called unless you first show that you believe it and are ready to set out! Therefore, if you believe you should become a shaman, first of all sign up. Pay your fee, which until 1 October only will be CHF 280 (approx. € 255), and wait confidently.
You will receive an answer within two weeks and, if the spirits say no, the money will be returned to you within two to three days (read the return policy here). If you have not already registered for the course, there is no point in asking: you will not get an answer.

Perhaps before enrolling you would like to read – if you have not already done so – the page the page “on how to recognise the shamanic call”.
Have you read it? Or are you sure about it and don’t feel the need?
In any case, if you have decided to subscribe, click on the button below: you can pay your subscription online by credit card on a completely secure server, or – if you prefer – by bank transfer:…

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