Whats is the Shamanism? Who are Shamans?

  • 17 January 2024
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Shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality in the world.
It has neither laws nor temples: it rests its foundations only on the direct encounter with the Spirits, with the Journey into the Other Reality, an atavistic wisdom in which medicine, magic and mysticism are inextricably intertwined.
For shamans, illness and suffering are just paths in the forest, where we happen to get lost but from which it is also possible to go back – and the task of shamans is that of seekers of lost souls.
Their methods are so primordial and absolute that they are completely similar in every part of the world, in populations that have never come into contact with each other, such as the Indians of the Amazon River and the Australian Aborigines.

This site has been a meeting point for those who practice authentic shamanism in contemporary culture since 2000.
But it also wants to give those who know little or nothing about it the opportunity to access this age-old knowledge and have help with the recovery of personal power, healing and wisdom.

The writings are the result of the teaching of my masters both of this and the other reality. And everything has been experienced for a long time in my practice as a shaman and curandero.

Australia Cape Tribulation

What is shamanism?
It is not a belief system or a philosophy or an interpretation of the world.
It is not even a religion, as we usually understand it.
It’s just the natural, spontaneous way of looking at reality, the one we still have as children before the dogmas of our culture repress it.
Shamanism is only what is before any belief system.

Who are shamans?
Shamans practice the ancient art of dealing with Spirits, personal entities that exist behind or beyond this Reality.
Shamans know how to travel in their Worlds and master them.
They manage to draw “a map of the forest” to help their community orient themselves along the mysterious and often harsh paths of life: illness, pain, lack of meaning, difficult choices, death.
They help their people to be in balance with the whole Universe, with the Powers of Nature, with the Spirits of animals, plants, with the Spirits of the Dead and those of the invisible Worlds.

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