The online shamanic apprenticeship  has been offered in its Italian version for almost 20 years, and it is very much appreciated among the members of Il Tamburo dello Sciamano (Italian site of “The Drum of the Shaman”) and in general among those who follow the shamanic circles and workshops guided by the Tsunki. All those seriously interested in shamanism and in discovering the power and mysteries deposited in this ancient tradition are welcome to join the training.

The course is a true individual shamanic apprenticeship where you can obtain skills, knowledge and powers necessary to the practice of traditional shamanism and to become a shamanic healer or a shaman. The apprenticeship is offered to all who feel called to become shamans or master shamanic healing techniques to bring guidance and help to others. It is also indicated to those who want to deepen their knowledge about shamanism, nature, and life.

The training is conducted by Tsunki and his apprentice Marco Tuna. It is mostly derived from the training that Tsunki endured between the Shuar people of the Amazon in Ecuador. It is composed by numerous “lessons” visible in a reserved area of this site. Additionally, you will be followed by Tsunki and Tuna with direct checks and teaching through emails and, when necessary, phone or video calls.

At the end of the apprenticeship, composed by the online apprenticeship and the following in-person teachings, one does not automatically become a shaman, since this requires a change in the apprentice’s worldview, which does not happen in everyone: it depends on personal resistance and on a final decision of the highest Spirits.

Upon successful completion of the course, the apprentice will personally meet with Tsunki for an “exam” where they can demonstrate their Shamanic Powers and abilities, working with Tsunki on a healing, a vision of the unknown and more (see below for details) .

If the change in worldview occurs, Tsunki will give her/him an initiation and from that day on she/he will be a shaman and healer.

The Gift for Shamanic Apprentices in Tsunki’s words
“Since I began following the shamanic path, many secrets and incredible truths about the Universe, life, and the afterlife have been revealed to me. All of these revelations have been verified through practical experience over time. Many of these truths cannot be expressed in writing because you wouldn’t understand or accept them. They must be seen in a shamanic vision. Those of you who choose to follow the path to become shamans will learn these same truths and understand them. Your life will never be the same again. Shamanic knowledge is not purely mental; it is imprinted throughout your being, in your soul and body. What you discover will change your worldview, enable you to heal physically and mentally, and transform your fortune forever. If you feel called to become a shaman, seize this opportunity and try to enroll.”

Apprenticeship program

The apprenticeship is as similar as possible to the traditional training of the Shuar people and that of Amazonian tribes in general (Conibo, above all). Shuar (once called Jìvaro) and Conibo are two Indian populations of western Amazonia. However, since shamans work a lot with the Spirits of Nature, to be suitable for our latitudes, the apprenticeship must also include knowledge of other traditions: Lakota (Teton Sioux), Mongolian and Siberian.

The apprenticeship is divided into different parts that are called uwi (“years” in the Shuar language). The online apprenticeship here offered includes the teachings of the first uwi. The other parts of the apprenticeship necessarily involve teachings through workshops, rituals and ceremonies hold in presence.

An uwí is supposed to last one year and the student should complete the first uwí in their first year of apprenticeship. Each uwí is divided into 6 or 7 nantu (“moons” in the Shuar language), which the apprentice will complete by following the instructions in the reserved area of the site and those given directly by Tsunki and Tuna (by email, videoconference or telephone, as appropriate) .

Each nantu is in turn divided into tsawant (days). Each tsawant is a step in the course and has times within which to complete it, large enough to meet everyone’s commitments, but not… unlimited: a nantu should be completed in 2 months and, in any case, 1 tsawant cannot last longer than 2 months. Repeated delays nullify the apprenticeship, therefore after 3 delays Tsunki reserves the right to cancel you from the course. At the end of each nantu you will have a check via email.

In general, apprentices can send us unlimited emails to a preferred email address reserved for them and we guarantee a response as soon as possible. When you need urgent information you can contact Marco Tuna at a phone number. Additionally, we create a Whatsapp group for apprentices that start their journey in a similar period.

The fee for the 1st uwí is CHF 330 (approx. €330).

During the first uwí,  apprentices are required to participate in at least a 2-day Circle of their choice. Direct contact with Tsunki and practice in the Circle are in fact a key learning factor.

Circle fees are not included in the Apprenticeship registration.

The program of each uwí can be modified at any time, because, as you will learn, shamanism is never static and a shaman is constantly moving.  The program will anyway maintain the same breadth and value regardless of the necessary changes.

1st uwí: the student is an apprentice.

  • History of Shamanism
  • Terms used
  • The 3 Worlds and the 2 Realities
  • High Spirits or Grandparents
  • Reconnecting with the Powers of Nature
  • Opening of the senses
  • Types of purification: with Smoke, Water, and Fire
  • The 4 Winds and the Sacred Circle
  • Power objects – finding your own
  • Shamanic initiation and meeting your Spirit Allies: descent into the Earth and ascent to the Sky
  • Types of Spirits
  • Morning rituals and others
  • Shamanic Journey

The fee for the 1st uwí is CHF 330 (approximately €330). During the first uwí, the apprentice is required to participate in at least one 2-day Circle of their choice. Direct contact with Tsunki and participation in the Circle are necessary. Circle fees are not included in the apprenticeship.

Participation in other in-person events is highly recommended for those who wish to advance their shamanic practice. Teachings that are highly recommended to apprentices at this level of preparation are the following:

  • Shamanic Heart Healing (first part)
  • The Souls of Organs – visiting the Body Territory (first part)
  • The Allies of Stone
  • The Animal of Power

2nd uwí: the apprentice becomes a traveler.

  • Quartz as an Ally and its preparation
  • Transforming this Reality into the Other and vice versa
  • Transforming Reality through a ritual
  • Transforming Reality through a Journey: shamanic journey with the body
  • 3rd Journey: Finding your Spirit Teacher
  • Oracles: knowing the unknown and the future
  • Oracles of the 4 Winds, Flour, and others
  • Changing the result of an oracle and “destiny”
  • Journeys in search of Powers
  • The 3 Souls of Man and the Wind Horse.
  • Enhancing your Wind Horse
  • Soul damage and rebalancing
  • Soul Loss and Recovery
  • Illness in shamanic view
  • Intrusions and diseases they cause
  • Diagnosis methods
  • Healing methods: Capturing intrusions and passing them to a plant

At the end of this second year, the apprentice may request a meeting for the optional verification of their acquired abilities and powers.

3rd uwí: the apprentice becomes a healer

  • Tséntsak or magical darts: their nature and powers
  • Acquiring tséntsak from plants
  • Nourishing and awakening tséntsak
  • Protection from attacks and negative energies
  • Extracting intrusions using the power of tséntsak
  • Limpieza (shamanic purification) and infusing power into the Crown
  • Changing fortune and rituals for good luck
  • 4th Journey: Going to the Land of the Dead
  • Reincarnation and the Flow of Existences
  • Possession and oppression of the soul
  • Depossession and liberation of the oppressed soul
  • Recovery of the Deep Soul
  • Shaman’s allied stones: the white stone and the black stone
  • How to obtain the two stones and how to use them

At the end of the three uwí cycle, the apprentice must meet Tsunki for the mandatory comprehensive verification of their abilities and powers. Together with Tsunki, they will perform healing, a vision of the future or the unknown, and an intervention with the forces of nature.

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