• 2 January 2023
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The Power

The power of the Bear is enormous. It is the first animal to have been worshipped by man, and the Neanderthals ritually buried Bear skulls along with human skulls. Many native peoples believed themselves to be descendants of Bears, thus in Siberia or Mongolia – but in our culture, the inhabitants of Arcadia in the Peloponnese (Greece) also believed themselves to be descendants of Bears. About 25 years ago, an evolutionary scholar asserted that man did not derive from the ape, but from the bear

Elements: Earth and Fire.

Plant World: Ayahuasca. Corn.

Expansive phases: All year round(?). Night. Eclipses of the sun and moon.

Body parts: Head. Eyes, eyesight. Cheeks. Beard and moustache. Temporal lobe. Jaws. 6th chakra. Limbs and joints.

Powers: Ambush. Attack. Aggressiveness, ferocity. Timing, sprinting, sense of opportunity. Confidentiality, silence. Prudence, caution, mistrust. Strength, power. Mastery, versatility. Solitude, individualism, self-sufficiency. Impatience. Clairvoyance, vision of other realities. Journey through space, time and worlds. Shamanic journey. Lord of mountains and echo. Lord of the underworld, psychopomp. Sound and power of the drum. Guardian of Fire.

Bears, like our ancestors, lived in caves, and like them and us, can walk on two legs. But unlike humans, it has exceptional strength and self-confidence. No animal can frighten or kill him.
In order to become like the god Bear, men have built weapons that can put them above all animals — certainly from the power of the Bear they asked for help in building them, so that they would have the strength of the Bear in them.
So it is true of a Mongol people: from the union between a woman and a Bear descended our people.

Lunar animal. The Siberians and Inuit of Alaska say it belongs to the Moon because it disappears in winter and reappears in spring like the plant cycle, which is regulated by the Moon.
Also in ancient Greece, the Bear was an animal sacred to Artemis, virgin goddess of the Moon, solitary hunter and protector of wildlife.


A chthonic animal, he comes from the depths of the earth. But like man after him, he has acquired the power to master all the elements. He is also the guardian of Fire. He has brought him with him the power of Thunder and the Subterranean Sun.
He belongs to the West, the direction of the Underworld, the Land of the Dead and Thunder.

The vegetal World

The cult of the bear has always been associated with the Tree, which is also, like the bear, similar to man in many respects: it stands erect, sinks its roots into the earth, from which it comes, but reaches for the sky. All bears are in fact, despite their size, able to climb trees. If you have to invoke the power of the bear, it is a good thing to call upon it and worship it at a sacred tree.

Expansive phase

The bear’s power is active and expansive from spring, when the winter retreat into the cave ends.
It does not really go into hibernation, as is believed, only slows down its metabolism and body temperature in autumn-winter. However, it remains awake enough to give birth, in the case of females. They rear their young in the cave and at the end of winter come out into the open with their offspring already a few months old. This gives the bear the power to give birth to new ideas and projects – but also babies! – in voluntary retreat and to raise them safely for the very first few months. Bear cubs, however, stay with their mother for a long time, about 2-3 years, so the power of the Bear does not allow for lightning-fast successes, but is suitable for projects that develop over a few years.

Body parts

The Bear during the winter retreat stops the arrival of the kidneys. His control of these organs is extraordinary. Anyone who is ill with kidneys should seek his help. The kidneys belong to the first chakra and to the management of territory (and therefore also of money), in fact animals mark their boundaries with urine.

If the Bear visits us in a dream or vision or otherwise, a strong, maternal and protective being has come from the depths of time to bring us the power that belonged to our most remote ancestors who lived in caves. If we welcome it, the ancestral strength of our Stone Age ancestors is made available to us.
However, it should not be forgotten that he is a ferocious and unpredictable animal – therefore if we do not treat him with due respect, he can tear us to pieces and drag us back into the depths of the cave from which we came out.
Maybe we feel weak or need to retreat for a while and give birth to something new. But it may also be that we have to decide to leave the cave, trusting in our strength and that of our ally.
Sometimes we need introspection and discernment in our ideas or feelings: if we lack discernment, the bear can therefore come to help us.
The bear can also offer us healing through retreat and the appropriate use of herbs and roots.

The Bear as an animal of power

The Bear is strong and powerful, but at the same time incredibly fast. He is also courageous and ferocious.
One of the few animals that does not let itself be frightened by man and which, if enraged, is extremely destructive and bloody. He therefore has the power of hunting and war, and – at least in ancient times – also of the government of peoples with the sword.
However, on the other hand it is also the bearer of healing powers through herbs and roots.

Those who have the Bear as their power animal are or can become strong and silent, courageous, agile and introspective but fast people, even mentally. Women, but not only them, have a strong maternal instinct and are very protective. However, they are sometimes grumpy and, if angry, ferocious individuals. Their heart, well protected by power, is nevertheless sweet, like the honey they love to feed on. They will do well to add it to their diet. They can become great leaders.
If they synchronize with the natural rhythm of their ally (and they will be more powerful if they do), they will work alone and create new projects in the cold season and then compete with others in spring-summer. Their love life and sex will also be more active in the summer. Not infrequently people – especially males – whose strong mother was decisive in their lives have the Bear as their power animal. They especially must avoid the temptation to always remain closed in their cave.

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