• 2 January 2023
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The Power

The power of the Horse – a Lakota sacred man once told me – is the power to cross many lands and reach a distant land, when you are driven from your land. Without the Horse you will remain close to the town you belonged to and you have to beg hoping they will welcome you back” The Horse has the power of travel and freedom.

Element: Fire and Water

Plant World: Wheat, cereals

Expansive phases: All year round.

Body parts: Sexual organs, legs, feet, 1st and 2nd chakras. The whole body

Powers: Travel, freedom, shamanic journey. Means of transport, cars, motorcycles. Rhythm and race of Time. Sexual potency. Fertility and creativity. Awareness. Clairvoyance, listening and speaking to the spirits and souls of the dead. Psychopomp. Knower of springs, bringer of water and rain. Kingship, battle..

It allowed man to shorten distances in space and time. To visit new lands and conquer them – he is therefore an ally in battles. Even if today it is only used for pleasure, the spirits of means of transport, in particular trains and cars, but also ships and engines in general have the power of the Horse. Whose power we in fact measure in horsepower. The shaman’s horse is the drum, and its rapid sound is the gallop of hooves through the other worlds.
Often the Horse also leads us on the last journey, therefore it has psychopomp powers (guide of souls), and some horses can reside in the Underworld. Sometimes shamans traveling in the deepest areas of the Lower World, where the Land of the Dead is located, come across a horse with a black or dark red coat, which instead of eyes has two black and shiny globes – since there under ordinary sight it is no longer useful. If you meet him, he is a hellish horse, an ally of the deities of Hades and often a playmate of children who died before their time. Powerful, elegant and regal, capable of leading us far, the horse manages the forces of instinct, which however are never fully controllable without depriving them of power – therefore it is also skittish and easy to panic. We must know how to master it otherwise he will throw us to the ground and trample us with his hooves.


The Horse Spirits emerge from the recesses of the earth, generated by the underground Fire. Or from the sea, as the large waves that we call breakers remind us: The foam of the sea is the manes of white horses or the drool in the mouths of wildly galloping steeds, Homer sings in the Iliad. This is why the Horse has the powers of Fire and Water. He has the power to make a spring flow by tapping the ground with his hoof and to call the rain spirits. Therefore, if we need to find water in the ground or a new source of emotions and spiritual or emotional nourishment in our life, the spirit of the Horse can help us.

Plant world

Lunar animal, it has the power of sexuality (and therefore fertility) and knows the underground waters that govern the growth of plants. The horse therefore protects the cultivation of wheat and cereals in general, which it feeds on. The chthonic Spirits (i.e. from the depths of the earth), like the horse, once tamed become protectors of the cultivated fields, that is, of the tamed land. Furthermore, the horse as a spirit of war offers its power to fight the scourges of crops. Its fertility power in favor of the crop seems to reside above all in the tail..

Expansive phases

The Horse, thanks to the speed but also to the rhythm of its run, is the spirit lord of Time. It’s no coincidence that his hooves beat like clockwork. He rises from the chthonic fire, passes unscathed through the land of cold and death, and therefore also winter, until light and spring, giving life to golden wheat. In fact, in March the ancient Romans celebrated the Equinia, and after the harvest on October 15th a horse was sacrificed to Mars. The Horse is therefore expansive-active throughout the year: during the winter it runs through the underworld, while in spring-summer until mid-autumn it travels the earth in the light of the sun. The same symbolism occurs between night and day. As the spirit of the Journey and the race of Time, the Horse carries the subterranean and seabed powers up to the light of the sun and even up into the Sky and the Upper World. He therefore has the power to transmute and sublimate the energies of the underworld, to transform them into intellectual and uranic creative forces. The volcanic fire is carried by the winged horse Pegasus into the sky where it becomes the lightning of Zeus, i.e. the celestial fire. So from a lunar animal on its journey it becomes solar, from black or dark red, it first becomes saurian or bay (terrestrial), then white and sometimes winged.

Parts of the body

The power of the horse over sexuality is strong. Here too, sexual energy can be transformed during the race, therefore the dark or chestnut horse is especially associated with the organs of reproduction. Equal power in the legs and feet. Anyone who has problems in these areas can draw help from the spirit of a horse. But the horse gives power to the whole body as it effectively becomes the body of the rider (which is the head). Today it also gives power to the car or motorbike, which have become the body of the new travellers

The Horse as messenger

The Horse offers you the power to travel and be free, to reclaim yourself, your time and the future.
However, you must distinguish the type of horse, its coat, its colour, whether it is tamed or not. Dark or brown horses bring chthonic forces – if they are restless or wild they can also bring you great sexual energy, if docile they can perhaps bring the power of fertility in the earth or in the material fields of life.
Light or white horses are messengers of the uranic worlds, they come from the stars, from the Sun or from the Upper World whose powers they embody. A winged horse often has the power to dream and perform great spiritual or intellectual feats.
Conjunct with the Wind, it is our personal psychic power (character, clarity, awareness), called the Wind Horse by the Mongols. A hellish horse can be a harbinger of death in dreams. Sometimes he appears as a dead horse, for the dead horse in this world is alive in the Underworld.

The Horse as an Animal Power

The Horse is fast and rapid, resistant, instinctive and sensitive, sexually powerful, fertile. If wild, it is freedom-loving. He is regal and has the power of battle, whose chariots he once drove to victory. He can protect you on any type of trip and protect your car or motorbike.

Those who have the Horse as an animal of power can take on different characteristics depending on the type of horse, which in any case is better if it is wild. In general he will or can become a free traveller, capable of feeling spirits and having sudden premonitions, moody and shady. He will be fulfilled by traveling and visiting other places, literally and otherwise. He will often love engines, cars, even more motorcycles. When a place or field of activity can no longer give him anything or damages him, his way of power will be to be led by his Horse elsewhere.
However, the horse is a herd animal and realizes its freedom in the group and, whoever has it as an ally, if rejected by its group, will travel and find a new clan to belong to. His path to power is through teamwork and community.
He must avoid being dominated by instincts and take care of his lungs, which are very delicate in horses.

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