Sciamanesimo - Tsunki

Words of the Shaman

CONVERSATIONS WITH FRANCESCO TSUNKI DE GIORGIO. The Shaman Francesco Tsunki de Giorgio, answering questions put to him by one of his students - Mayu Tuntíak - describes the hidden nature of reality, proposing images rich in meaning, evocative expressions and myths. The Spirits, the Power, the Great Dream, the Other Reality are not explainable concepts as we are used to understanding them, but the evocative power of the language used by the Shaman allows the mind to be freed from the many barriers that have been built up and to open up to receive the deepest meaning of existence

In this revealing journey, Shaman Francesco “Tsunki” de Giorgio, responding to the questions of one of his students, Mayu Tuntíak, explores the enigmatic world of shamanism, a realm that defies the rigid boundaries of Western thought. Through a tapestry of rich imagery, evocative expressions, and ancient myths, the Shaman offers a unique perspective on the hidden nature of reality.

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    Editore Youcanprint Edizioni , Anno Pubblicazione 2017, Formato Libro 15x21cm, Pagine: 266, EAN13: 9788892632141
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